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“Taidan Kikou” Round table session 2015 Autumn Edition

~ We fell over, we got lost, we looked at things, and now we want to talk to Tokyo about it all ~

We fell over, we got lost, we looked at things, and now we want to talk to Tokyo about it all.
Thinking about endings, while sharing memories of the demise of a place.

Tokyo, Soup, Blanket and Travelogue, an art project set up by Shirotama Hitsujiya, has entered its second year. Last year, the first event, Conversation Travelogue focused on things we saw and heard in Aogashima. The third event, Conversation Travelogue 2015 Autumn Edition, will focus on the theme of “Demise.” This year, participants headed to Okutama, tracing their way to western Tokyo along the old highway from Ekoda, from the plains to the hills, all the way to Ogouchi Dam. Spending time on the shores of the reservoir, they thought about the submerged town below the surface before returning to Ekoda, following the course along which the water runs. At this Conversation Travelogue event, we want to spend the first half reflecting on “Demise” with those who took part in the trip to Okutama. In the second half, we will propose a “TOMURAI” (The meal between Earth and Heaven). It’s what happens after the “demise” of something/someone, somewhere, at some time. We want to put our heads together with the audience to consider the “TOMURAI” that we’ve thought up.


Shirotama Hitsujiya and Members




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