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Zombie Opera “Danse Macabre”

  • Theater / Dance

An opera about death, created out of zombie music!

The Danse Macabre, or Dance of Death, is an old cultural trope where Death summons everyone, no matter their station in life, to the grave. This classic leitmotif that reminds us all of the universality of death has appeared in a wide range of art and literature in Europe since the Middle Ages. Now it becomes a “zombie opera”. Utilizing the remarkable so-called “zombie music” of Taro Yasuno, with recorders, clarinets, and other instruments programmed to play automatically, music dramaturge Miho Watanabe and theatre director Noriyuki Kiguchi also collaborate on this unique interdisciplinary experiment.

Duration:75 min. (no interval) (TBC)
Language:Japanese (no surtitles)


Thursday, November 12, 19:30
Friday, November 13, 19:30★
Saturday, November 14, 19:30
Sunday, November 15, 14:30
Box office opens 1 hour before.
*Doors open 30 minutes before.
★Post-performance talk

Cast & Creative Team

Concept, Music:Taro Yasuno
Dramaturge:Miho Watanabe
Stage Design:Noriyuki Kiguchi
Technical Manager:Eiji Torakawa
Assistant Technical Manager:Chizuru Kouno
Stage Manager:Keisuke Watanabe
Stage Assistant:Go Sato
Sound Co-ordination:Akira Aikawa (Sound Weeds Inc.)
Lighting Co-ordination:Hiroaki Tashiro (DotWorks Co., Ltd.)
Video:Nobuhiro Matsuzawa
Stage Design Co-ordination:Tomomi Nakamura
Props:Keiichiro Yasumoto (clown★bee), Koji Osafune (Osafune Seisakusho)
Zombie Music:Taro Yasuno, Yuichi Matsumoto
Zombie Music Assistant:Ten Goto
Production Co-ordination:Mayuko Arakawa, Akiko Juman
In co-operation with Hideyuki Sawada (Faculty of Engineering, Kagawa University)
Special co-operation from TAKAHA KIKO CO., LTD. (solenoid)
Planed, produced and presented by Festival/Tokyo
Supported by Japan Media Arts Festival


Advance: 3,500 yen
Day: 4,000 yen
*Unreserved seating

F/T Ticket Center


Nishi-Sugamo Arts Factory
4-9-1 Nishi-Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0001 Japan


Nishi-Sugamo Arts Factory


Organized by
Festival/Tokyo Executive Committee, Toshima City, Toshima Future Culture Foundation, NPO Arts Network Japan (NPO-ANJ), Arts Council Tokyo & Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)