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Chiten + kukangendai “Mystery-Bouffe”

  • Theater / Dance

A bold, interdisciplinary version of a Russian masterpiece

Set against the backdrop of the 1917 Russian Revolution, this extraordinary play by Vladimir Mayakovsky portrays a group of workers and others on an ark in the aftermath of a destructive deluge. The allegorical parody of the biblical tale of Noah is a major example of the Russian avant-garde, and is now recreated by Chiten and the music band kukangendai. Director Motoi Miura employs his acclaimed approach of dismantling and reconstructing the original text to explore its essence anew, while kukangendai is renowned for its use of arbitrary, irregular sounds. Mayakovsky’s 100-year-old play of “clean” and “unclean” social classes is provocatively reinvented for contemporary audiences.

Duration:90 min. (no interval) (TBC)
Language:Japanese (no surtitles)


Friday, November 20, 19:30
Saturday, November 21, 19:30
Sunday, November 22, 19:30
Monday, November 23, 19:30
Wednesday, November 25, 19:30
Thursday, November 26, 19:30
Friday, November 27, 19:30
Saturday, November 28, 19:30

*Box office opens 1 hour before. Doors open 30 minutes before.

Cast & Creative Team

Text:Vladimir Mayakovsky
Direction:Motoi Miura
Cast:Satoko Abe, Dai Ishida, Koji Ogawara, Shie Kubota, Saki Kohno, Yohei Kobayashi
Stage Design:Itaru Sugiyama
Costumes:Kyoko Domoto
Stage Manager:Mitsuaki Adachi
Lighting:Yasuhiro Fujiwara
Sound:Bunsho Nishikawa
Production co-ordination:Aya Komori, Yuna Tajima (Chiten), Ayano Misao, Orie Kiyuna (Festival/Tokyo)
Planned and produced by Chiten


Advance: 4,000 yen
Day: 4,500 yen
*Unreserved seating

F/T Ticket Center


Nishi-Sugamo Arts Factory
4-9-1 Nishi-Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0001 Japan


Nishi-Sugamo Arts Factory


Organized by
Festival/Tokyo Executive Committee, Toshima City, Toshima Future Culture Foundation, NPO Arts Network Japan (NPO-ANJ), Arts Council Tokyo & Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)