Arts Council Tokyo Traditional Culture Program: Details for FY2018 Line-up

Arts Council Tokyo implements various projects and programs aimed for people who are not familiar with traditional Japanese culture and arts , like foreigners and children, to freely enjoy authentic traditional culture and performing arts, with the theme of “Approaching Tokyo Tradition”.
The “Traditional Culture Experience Programs for Foreign Visitors” has entered its fourth year, and the total number of attendees has surpassed 100,000. With past comments such as “I was able to learn about Japanese culture.” and “It was an intriguing event.”, the ever popular programs will again be held throughout this fiscal year. Further, there will be three programs, the “Festivals ”, the “Traditional Performing Arts Programs” and the “Programs for Children” joining up to make it four programs in total. The newly categorized programs will welcome top-of-the-line performers, making the viewing and experiencing of true traditional culture and arts much more fulfilling.
With Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in two years, there will be many programs held again this year, as a project to create and transmit the traditional culture of Tokyo to the world.

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FY2018 Arts Council Tokyo Traditional Culture Program

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