Season's Greetings

How is everyone spending the New Year period?

Last year we were forced to cancel, postpone, or change how we implemented scheduled projects and initiatives. With the global spread of coronavirus, artists and others were unable to come to Japan, and some took alternative measures.
We apologize for the inconvenience and disruption this caused to many.

In an environment where stage performances, art events and exhibitions, workshops, etc. cannot be held in the same way as before, new experiments and innovations have been generated. This has resulted in the opening of creative avenues that previously did not occur to us, such as performers in different places working together, new creative expression using technology, and the participation and cooperation of people and businesses who previously had little involvement in arts and culture. Noticeable effects include how this is making it easier for people who were unable to get out to venues and locations, or people who felt the barriers of language or recognition, to move closer to arts and culture.
Yet again, it has become clear that arts and culture are creative activities that emerge from the difficult situations and constraints society faces.

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics postponed, the period of the Tokyo’s Cultural Program “Tokyo Tokyo Festival” has been extended by one year. Under the tagline “THE FUTURE IS ART,” we are rolling out programs to raise widespread awareness of Tokyo’s artistic and cultural offerings. The cultural program’s mission is to release society from the sense of oppression and stagnation caused by the pandemic, and to serve as an opportunity to think about development potential for the city.

Arts Council Tokyo will continue to cooperate with its related organizations, so that it can demonstrate the power of arts and culture.
More than ever, we greatly appreciate your understanding and continued cooperation in our endeavors.

Katsunori Miyoshi
Director General
Arts Council Tokyo