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Koganei Artfull Action!

In Koganei city, the project aims to provide opportunities for people to pursue enriched lives by providing citizens encounters with art. Urban planning through art and culture will be considered and places where citizens can get involved in projects will be created.


Artfull Action! (NPO)
Tel: 050-3627-9531
E-Mail: mail@artfullaction.net

Tokyo Metropolitan Government,
Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Artfull Action!(NPO)

Koganei City

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Community and Art Project Propelling Mutual Growth through "Spiral" Lectures

– An Art Project Aimed at Helping to Solve Cultural Policy Issues –

National and local governmental agencies are currently providing citizens with a wide variety of things, both tangible and intangible, under the name of cultural policy.

Koganei Artfull Action!, a project that Koganei City has been promoting since 2009, is one of the intangible offerings that Koganei City includes in its civic cultural policies.
However, it might be hard for some people to see how art projects and cultural policies fit into their individual lives and communities. By taking a close look at the programs that go into Koganei Artfull Action!, this new lecture series will help uncover the relationships between culture and daily life from a variety of angles.

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