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#2: Living Spaces and Communities of Citizens: Making Fields out of Civic Environments

How do art projects fit into the complicated webs of varying interests in regional communities? This lecture will focus on the possibilities and limitations of community-based art projects, the long-term relationship between art projects and their communities, and the roles that government organizations and citizens play in that context.

Guest: Nobuo Kogure (Kyoto Tachibana University)
Case: The Tama Carnival

Guest profile:
Nobuo Kogure
Nobuo Kogure is currently Dean of the Faculty of Contemporary Business and a professor in the Department of Urban Environmental Design at Kyoto Tachibana University. After graduating from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo, Kogure spent 23 years as a civil servant. He spent time at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Miyazaki Prefecture, Tokushima City, and Fukuoka Prefecture offices and participated in the Furusato Creation Project. He eventually followed his hopes of developing cultural policies and regional artistic environments to become the first Director of the Artistic Environment Division of the Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities. He has held his current position since 2001. Currently, Kogure makes culture-related recommendations to groups in the Kansai area, organizes collaborative projects uniting disabled people, cutting-edge artists, and city residents, and plans Mekuru-Meku Picture-Story shows. His published writings include Arts management-gaku Arts management (Suiyosha), Arts management michi The arts management path (Koyo Shobo), and Chiiki bunka jōhōka senryaku Informatization strategies for regional culture (Gyosei).

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