What we do

Art Support Tohoku-Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Government initiative using the medium of arts and culture to support disaster-afflicted areas)

Launched in partnership with Tokyo Metropolitan Government as part of “Tokyo Emergency Measures 2011,” this project implements artistic programs in disaster-stricken communities, in collaboration with local groups. Working with local art NPOs and coordinators, we support the reconstruction of a diverse range of cultural environments in the region. Moreover, to rebuild these disaster-stricken communities, we conduct artistic programs with an emphasis on the process of communication with people from a variety of fields, as well as developing mechanisms to support their implementation.


Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture


Co-organized by
(Iwate Prefecture)
IWATE Fukko Collaboration Center (NPO)
(Miyagi Prefecture)
Tsunagaru Wan Project steering committee
(Fukushima Prefecture)
Iwaki City, Teco (General Incorporated Association)

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