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Artist Collective Fuchu [ACF]

This project centering on Fuchu City aims to use expressions in familiar forms and with an everyday outlook to make Fuchu a place where everyone can freely express themselves. Attracting not just artists but participants of diverse occupations and ages, ACF aims to create a forum for individuals to communicate their thoughts and feelings to each other, and to provide an environment enabling respect for each other’s differences.


Fuchu City


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Artist Collective Fuchu [ACF] (NPO)

Events Information

Community Salon project

Artist Collective Fuchu (ACF) holds a community salon where participants mull approaches to organizational management and procedure for the collective’s activities, with a view to exploring and creating a modus operandi unique to ACF. By involving not just ACF office staff but many different people associated with the collective, the aim is to build a foundation based on individual voluntary activity and mutual respect for each other’s activities.

Media programs

Based on a network cultivated through activities thus far, the collective creates media channels through which to introduce artists and creative activities in Fuchu City. The belief is that connecting and reconnecting people through media-based programs will not only communicate ACF’s activities but provide a platform for finding human resources to get involved in the Community Salon.

Artist Collective Fuchu presents “Sound Cruise”
ACF brings radio program “Artist Collective Fuchu presents “Oto no fune”” to Radio Fuchues 87.4MHz, a community radio station centering around the Fuchu area. The show introduces guest artists living in Fuchu and the surrounding area, as well as people engaged in projects the collective wants to see brought to Fuchu in future. Guests’ talks concentrate on the topic of creation, Fuchu-related topics, etc.

Every first Tuesday from April 2020 through March 2021, 22:00 – 22.30
*Dates and times are subject to change. Updates on changes and cancellation will be posted on ACF’s Facebook page.
talk 19 (April 6): Ai Mabuchi (Film Festival Staff)
talk 20/21 (May 4/June 1): Natsumi Morimoto (baz tool&plants Owner) & Kaori Kato (Pastry Chef)
talk 22/24 (July 6/September 7): Atsuko Nakamichi (Flamenco dancer) & Kaito Kitamura (Flamenco guitarist, cameraman)
talk 23 (August 3): Aki Sakamaki (Representative of PEACE for moms)
talk 25 (October 5): Ayako Miyauchi (Representative of Glücklich, Eastern European Goods Shop)
talk 26 (November 2): Yunsoni Hiraoka Kanako (President of Tontonpa)
talk 27 (December 7): Keiji Motoyasu (Picture Book Writer)
talk 28 (January 4): Maaya Miki (Artist), Kaori Miyayama (Artist, Team Leader of ACF Raccolta-Creative Materials Lab)
talk 29 (February 1): Yasuhiko Yamaura, Shoko Sato (ACF null Team Member), Kaoru Kato (Pastry Chef)
talk 30 (March 1): Daisuke Kiyota (Photographer, Manager of Kiyota Studio)

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You can listen to past broadcasts.
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