What we do

Moving Archive Center in Setagaya|GAYA

This community archive project creates a form for discussion through the medium of video, using digitized 8 mm film showing Setagaya in the Showa period (1920s–1980s). By highlighting individual narratives shaped through playback of the videos, it aims to create leaders who will drive the project together.


Setagaya City


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government / Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) / remo [record, expression and medium-organization] (NPO) / Lifestyle Design Center, Setagaya Cultural Foundation
Operated by
AHA! [Archive for Human Activities] Project

Events Information

Sunday Interviewers

This is a project involving people from the ‘lost generation’ exploring where they are now through 8mm film. On the 4th Sunday of every month, 84 videos from the community video archive “Setagaya Chronicle 1936-83” will be selected in turn, and publicly recruited project members will act as intermediaries, working on the project’s three steps of “watching, talking, listening” in a leisurely rollout that links both online and offline activities.

Record of workshop statements/remarks “What the SI Saw”

Documenting the Sunday Interviewers project

This is a series of articles by writer Tomofumi Hashimoto documenting the Sunday Interviewers project.


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