What we do


Under the concept of generating new communicative methods and artistic expression from the starting point of the self, this project revolving around deaf people, the hard-of-hearing and CODA (children of deaf adults) who converse via visual language (Japanese sign language) strives to nurture forms of expression and culture through the physical sensibilities of the individual, and also works on the study and development of new approaches to communication together with people who have different physicalities and sensory worlds. Recognizing sensory differences with another person and recognizing that the world each of you sees is consequently different can lead to awareness of one’s own sensibilities and “language.” And communication based on an acceptance of mutual difference enriches culture. We create opportunities that bring people of diverse physicalities and sensory worlds into contact with each other as well as with different forms of expression; and while recognizing the various differences, we aim to engender a community that opens up unexpected possibilities by creating a forum for emergence, from the starting point of the self.


Various locations in Tokyo


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), General Incorporated Association ooo

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