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Open Forum 2016

Art, Technology, Civil Society

Examining New Mechanisms for Public Participation in Creating the Future

Each year, with special guests from overseas, Arts Council Tokyo holds a forum that explores approaches to cities and cultural policy. Open Forum 2016 will welcome guests from Tokyo, Taipei (Taiwan), and Yogyakarta (Indonesia).

Based on the theme “Art, Technology, Civil Society” and through the prism of art and cultural policy, we will examine mechanisms for using ideas from the public to transform neighborhoods and entire cities. In particular, we will explore models for bringing advanced technology into contact with art and using these encounters to engender fresh changes in local communities, which is one of Tokyo’s strengths.

In the keynote address, urban sociology expert Shunya Yoshimi will provide an overview of the cultural bases formed in Tokyo in recent times and the potential of citizen communities. In addition, there will be a discussion between panelists who are implementing art-centered projects involving local citizens in various Asian cities. Focusing on activities that bring together citizens from a variety of backgrounds and generate art-inspired ideas for transforming their neighborhoods, the panelists will examine the spread of such activities in each city, as well as their potential and challenges.


Arts Council Tokyo Conference Room
(Kudan First Place 8F, 4-1-28, Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)


Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)