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FY2020 Open Forum
#THE FUTURE IS ART: Management for Tomorrow

The whole world is grappling with the common problem of pandemic right now, with intensive discussion in various quarters as to how to overcome this unprecedented crisis, and what to do about society in the era of COVID-19 and after. In this forum, we will be discussing how to deal with the inevitable paradigm shift, and approaches to arts and culture with an eye towards the Tokyo of the future. The forum is planning as a consecutive series of discussions on multipronged themes, including the possibilities for building a sustainable society, enhancing the resilience of arts and culture, and turning threat into opportunity.
For the first session, we focus on producers involved in arts and culture. They manage the issues of wages, people/personnel, places/venues and time, and actualize ideas in tangible form. From the perspective of men and women producers working on the frontlines in a rapidly changing social situation, we look at such topics as the fundamental issues highlighted by coronavirus, and the initiatives and prospects surrounding subsequent approaches and new challenges.

About Open Forum
We organize forums aiming to address current and important themes in the field of arts and culture. Through discussion among experts from various fields, we aim to explore arts and culture-related measures that affirm and enhance Tokyo’s standing as a world city.


Part 1 Presentations from speakers
Part 2 Discussion
*Please note that details of the program are subject to change.

Speakers (in no particular order)

Naohiro Ukawa (DOMMUNE)
“Artist of the contemporary”
Born in 1968 in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture. Active in an extremely wide range of artistic fields as a videographer/graphic designer/VJ/university professor/writer/artist, and more. A “media therapist” engaged in Japan’s most free and progressive creative activities today, he aims to break the established frameworks of fine art and popular culture. In March 2010 he promptly launched live streaming studio/ channel DOMMUNE, which boasts overwhelming popularity and decisive quality among the multitude of streamed offerings, and which has continued to create a stir both in Japan and overseas since its inception a decade ago. In November 2019 operations moved to a creative studio on the 9th floor of PARCO in Shibuya. The move updated DOMMUNE from “final media” status to the evolved form SUPER DOMMUNE, as it revamps for the future with pioneering 5G technology.

Yasuharu Katsuyama
CONDORS producer and Representative Director of ROCKSTAR Ltd.
The CONDORS has performed in over 30 countries worldwide, won critical acclaim from the New York Times and instantly sold out NHK Hall resulting in additional performances. In recent years Katsuyama has taken on a variety of projects with the group, including performances with a dance team of people with disabilities, audience participation concerts for children with NHK Educational, and the direction of local community participation-based performances including at Hakataza Theater. As a producer, he engages in activities contributing to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and the realization of a symbiotic society through performing arts. His writings include the book “CONDORS Keppuroku!” (Popular Publishing), with other works appearing in the Asahi Student Newspaper and more. Katsuyama is also a radio personality for TOKYO FM, Nack5, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting and more, and has appeared in TEDx talks. Vocalist and songwriter for rock band FF0000. Made his major label debut on Epic Records and has collaborated with companies like Nissan and Calpis on television commercials. He has appeared in NHK’s “Music Japan” series. Former visiting professor at Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music.

Misa Sudo
Sound/lighting engineer and booking for the Livehouse Yotsuya Tenmado group
Known by many artists especially musicians and actors by her nickname “Pink,” Sudo handles PA and event management. She works in planning and production centering on projects for acoustic solo singer-songwriters, including the“PINKY GIRLS PARTY!!,”events featuring a lineup of female solo performers, “Livehouse de aimasho” (“See you at the livehouse”), an event with an emphasis on the casual enjoyment of live music without the necessity of reservation, and a streaming version with the same aim, “Gamen no muko de aimasho” (“See you on the other side of the screen”).

Yoshiyuki Oshita
Researcher on cultural policy, holder of a doctorate (art theory), professor at Doshisha University, and visiting professor at The International Research Center for Japanese Studies. In April, 2020, in collaboration with creative director Taneo Kato, Oshita formed think tank Active Archipelago, which specializes in cultural policy. In addition, he concurrently serves on many cultural policy-related committees, including posts as chair of the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ working group on food culture, chairman of the cultural policy division of Tokyo Council for the Arts, member of Shizuoka Performing Arts Center Council, vice chairman of Shizuoka Prefecture Promotion Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Cultural Program, Academic Ambassador for Osaka Expo 2025, advisor for Arts Council Niigata, and Tsuruoka Creative City of Gastronomy advisor.


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