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Public Talk: Company Derashinera looks back on its three-year youth project

Arts Council Tokyo Grant Program: Activity Report of Long Term Grant-Session 1

Since FY2013, Arts Council Tokyo has offered the Long Term Grants program in order to support consecutive activities for a maximum of three years. We will be taking place Public Talk series with grantees who completed their activities supported by this program.
Session 1 will invite Company Derashinera and focus on their specific project “White Theater Series” that collaborated with young dancers and actors/actresses, which was three year-long granted from FY2014.
This project endeavored to establish a new sustainable form of creative group, through creations and performances in Tokyo, Vietnam and Thailand with young talents who were selected by the audition. Company Derashinera’s director, Shuji Onodera, creative partner, Momoko Fujita, together with their young company members will be sharing on experiences, outcomes, findings and new vision emerged from their three year-long activity on this talk with screenings.
We look forward to share this opportunity with people who are interested in the Company Derasinera, Long Term Grant program and any interests in our activities are welcome.

*This program will be conducted in Japanese.


Arts Council Tokyo Grant Program: Public Talk
Activity Report of Long Term Grants-Session 1:
Company Derashinera “White Theater Series” (FY2014 grantee)

Company Derashinera
Established as an individual company of Shuji Onodera in 2008. Since then the company has produced several new works every year. Their mime-based performance that pursues beyond existing form of art has been gaining huge acclaims from wide range of audiences. They perform overseas as well as in Japan and also actively engage with youth projects through school performances tours and showcasing at high schools. They commit to not only theatres, but also site-specific projects in open air, as well as to art museums and festivals.

Outline of Granted activity
“White Theatre Series” was a specific project that Company Derasinera collaborated with young dancers and actors/actresses, which aimed to seek a new form of creative group and career development of young professionals. In the first year on their grant, they created and premiered the group piece “The Double” in Tokyo. This piece was performed by all young members, who were selected from audition and committed with intensive workshops and creation. In the second year, reselecting young members, the company worked to perform a piece “Another Story” in Vietnam and Thailand, as Onodera was appointed a “Cultural Envoy” by Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japanese government. Also created and premiered a group piece “La Dame aux camelias” in Tokyo. As remarkable outcomes, works in Vietnam could make a development of future international collaboration, and “La Dame aux camelias” won the Grand Prix at the 9th CoRich Performing Arts Festival in 2016. In the third year, created and premiered a triple-bill“Shohinshu” (“A Collection of Sketches”) which was to mark it as a sort of a goal compiled their “White Theater Series” activities. This was performed as part of opening program of the small new theater in Asakusa downtown area in Tokyo.

Company Derashinera White Theater Series vol.1 “The Double”, March 2015
Direction: Shuji Onodera Performance: Company Derashinera

Content of Talk

18:45 Doors open
[Part 1]
Presentation by Company Derashinera: Self-introduction, evaluation and reviewing of granted activities
[Part 2]
What was achieved through long term funding, and the perceived challenges / The innovative ideas and difficulties on long-term project management
Q&A session
21:00 Close

Shuji Onodera (director, leader of Company Derashinera)
Momoko Fujita (Company Derashinera)
Yusuke Oba, Rina Zakiyama, Miyuki Nishina (“White Theater Series” members)

Mariko Konno (Senior Program Officer (Dance), Planning & Grants Division, Arts Council Tokyo)

*Please note that the program is subject to change.

Date / Time

Tuesday, July 11 2017, 19:00-21:00


Arts Council Tokyo (Kudan First Place 8F, 4-1-28, Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)


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Arts Council Tokyo (Kudan First Place 8F, 4-1-28, Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)


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