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Live performance as cinematic expression

Arts Council Tokyo Grant Program: Activity Report of Long Term Grant-Session 10

Live performance as cinematic expression
Looking back on the project “Movies from Sound” and lecture series “Within Films, After Films, Film Borders”

Since 2013, Arts Council Tokyo has been carrying out a “Long-Term Grant Program” that offers up to three years of support for long-term artistic projects. In the 10th talk session on past grant recipients, we introduce the activities of charm point, led by film director Kei Shichiri, which received a three-year grant starting in 2015.

The “Movies from Sound” project did not simply stop at experimentation with methods of film-making; it was quick to focus on how the boundaries between film and other genres were beginning to shift through digitization of video technology, and attempt to examine this shift in practical terms.
These days when video is required more than ever before in every aspect of creative expression, including the video archiving of physical forms of expression and the performing arts, and coronavirus crisis-driven live video streaming, this activity report session is set to become a point of reference, providing hints on activities in all sorts of genres,

* *Details of this activity report session will be posted on this website at later date.


Speakers (presenters)
Kei Shichiri (President, charm point / film director)
Tetsuya Takahashi (Vise President, charm point / videographer)
Tsutomu Tanazawa (Accountant, charm point / video director / producer)

Mariko Konno, Chizuru Usui (Senior Program Officer (visual art/media art), Arts Council Tokyo)

Outline of activities under grant
charm point: Development and completion/release of “Movies from Sound”
(2015 selected project: 3 years)

By turning the conventional movie-making process on its head and starting with the soundtrack, this project sought to unpack elements from other genres incorporated in the cinematic form of expression. While comparing and verifying these elements with film, project members produced movies through a process of reconstruction. Accordingly, collaborations with artists from diverse genres such as electronic music, voice performing, dance, theater and art were presented as works-in-progress. These activities constituted an interchange between live performance and movie production which, during the three year grant period, produced four new performance pieces, five films for theater release (feature-length), and two short films, works that the group was also able to take to overseas film festivals. At the same time, the group held 11 sessions of a lecture series on related themes with a variety of guest debaters, “Within Films, After Films, Film Borders.” In addition to discussion from the lectures being used as feedback for production, in the final year a two-night symposium was held featuring a total of eight guest panelists.

charm point
Founded by film director Kei Shichiri as a loose collective with a core group of independent video staff, musicians, artists, photographers, poets etc. to create and present works that transcend the boundaries of existing genres of expression. As well as ongoing creative activities designed to expand the modes of expression in movies, the group also focuses on creating a forum where like-minded creators, researchers and audiences can connect and collaborate. Previous movie projects include “Hottentot Apron – a Sketch” (2006), “Once Upon A Dream” (2007), “DUBHOUSE” (2012), and ongoing film series “To the light” (since 2014).


Kei Shichiri

Tetsuya Takahashi

Tsutomu Tanazawa


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