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Creative Well-being Tokyo

This project is aimed at building an environment where everyone can access and enjoy arts and culture through metropolitan cultural facilities and cultural projects. As well as expanding and improving the environment allowing diverse people including the elderly, people with disabilities, infants, and people with roots overseas to participate in cultural projects and create together, we will work on program validation, program model development, and onsite practice and research. In partnership with metropolitan cultural facilities, cultural projects, and NPOs etc. engaging in social issues in the community, we will promote and disseminate initiatives needed for arts and culture going forward.


Metropolitan cultural facilities, etc., various locations in Tokyo

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Creative Well-being Tokyo

In addition to developing advanced initiatives for improving the quality of information accessibility tools and support at cultural facilities and for cultural projects, as a partner program we will implement research, verification, and development related to accessibility. Furthermore, with Tokyo providing the central network, we will hold the “International Conference on Open Access to Culture 2024” in order to globally promulgate initiatives aimed at the realization of a symbiotic society through arts and culture, as well as to share a variety of advanced examples from overseas.

Improving accessibility of metropolitan cultural facilities and cultural projects

We are working towards improving the accessibility of metropolitan cultural facilities and cultural projects developed by Arts Council Tokyo. We will create an environment where anyone can easily access art and culture. We will promote initiatives designed to improve the provision of information and services prior to visiting cultural facilities/participating in cultural projects, and to enrich the experience of watching/participating in performances, exhibitions, and programs.

TURN LAND program

This is a program in which welfare facilities and social support groups plan and implement art projects together with artists. We will roll out two initiatives, “TURN LAND” and “Pre-LAND,” to deepen our understanding of diverse values and characteristics and create even more engaging activities in daily life through project practices. The implementation process will be accompanied by coordinators, who will provide operational support according to situational requirements on the ground. In parallel with the running of the project we will also offer a platform for mutual learning.