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Tokyo Artist Accelerator Program(TAAP)

A program helping young artists succeed in the art market and get ahead globally, focusing on verbalization of works by artists themselves

Tokyo Artist Accelerator Program (TAAP) is a program supporting young artists in the visual arts and video field who hope to succeed in the art market.
We focus on presentations in which artists themselves talk about their works. This provides support in terms of both improving artists’ ability to discuss their works and strengthening their capacity to conceptualize.
As well as offering successful applicants highly flexible creative production funding, we help young Tokyo-based artists get ahead on the world stage by providing continuous mentoring over an eight-month period by diverse specialists in contemporary art and by creating opportunities for the artists to give speeches to professionals in the contemporary art field in Japan and overseas.

Support details

  • Provision of creative production funding
    We provide creative production funding of 495,000 yen which can be used freely for creation, research, etc.
  • Mentoring program centering on presentations
    Over an eight-month period the artists will engage in continuous interaction and dialog with the selection committee and mentors, who comprise contemporary art specialists from a variety of backgrounds including gallerists, artists, collectors, and curators. As well as promoting the growth of supported artists by encouraging improvement in their ability to discuss their works and strengthening their capacity to conceptualize, the program also offers support for networking with arts and culture professionals in Japan and overseas.
  • Creation of Artwork Presentation Stage (provisional title)
    We will take advantage of art events being held in Tokyo in 2024 to create opportunities for the artists to discuss their works in their own words to an audience that includes gallerists, curators, and collectors from Japan and overseas.

Target participants

[Target fields]
Visual arts/video

[Target genres]
2D art (paintings, prints, photographs, etc.), 3D art (including crafts), video (including animation)

[Eligible artists]
-Individuals living in Japan who hope to succeed in the Tokyo art market
-Those able to participate in mentoring and presentation opportunities offered by “Artwork Presentation Stage” (provisional title). These range from networking sessions, interim reporting sessions, and presentations to be held from April through November 2024.
-Those able to communicate in Japanese (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test [JLPT] N2 or equivalent)
-Those who have been showing works (in solo exhibitions, etc.) in the target field (visual arts/video) in Tokyo for over 3 years and under 10. Alternatively, those who have shown their work (in solo exhibitions, etc.) in Tokyo more than 5 times and less than 10.

Available slots and Program period

[Available slots]
Around 15 people

[Program period]
April – November 2024 (scheduled)

How to apply

Pre-enter via the Entry tab on the Tokyo Artists Accelerator Program (TAAP) website. (Japanese)
A TAAP application form URL will be sent to the supplied email address.
Please access the application form from the URL, fill in each item, and upload the necessary application documents.
Application documents to be submitted online.

*Personal information submitted at the time of application will be managed appropriately in accordance with the privacy policy of the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture. Information may be provided to external experts or the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for screening, post-evaluation, etc. We may also send you questionnaires related to the activities of TAAP Office contractors, Arts Council Tokyo’s grant progams, etc.

Application period

Monday, October 16, 2023, 14:00 – Friday, January 12, 2024, 17:00

Application guideline and FAQ

Application guideline


Selection method

Successful applicants will be chosen by a selection committee comprising contemporary art specialists from a variety of backgrounds including gallerists, artists, collectors, and curators.
-For the preliminary selection round, the selection committee will conduct document screening by careful examination of the application documents submitted by applicants.
-In the principal screening process, applicants will be selected based on presentations made to the selection committee by those who passed the preliminary selection round. Please note we plan to stream it online.
-Successful applicants will be finalized by obtaining consent to participate on the program from artists selected in the principal screening process.

* Applicants will be notified of the results of the preliminary selection round by email in February 2024, regardless of the selection results. Please note that we will not respond to inquiries regarding the selection results.


Tokyo Artist Accelerator Program(TAAP)
Official Website:https://taap.art/
*Please contact us using the inquiry form on the official website.


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)