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Tokyo Festival 2023

Tokyo Festival is an urban international performing arts festival principally taking place in the city’s Ikebukuro area. The event features a program of performances in a wide range of genres such as outdoor theater and touring productions from overseas, as well as art projects that everybody can take part in, and talent development initiatives designed to produce personnel to work on the global arts scene.

*Please note event details are subject to change.


Downside Up: A Positive Spin on the World

It seems there are fewer people today expecting a better tomorrow.
It’s as if their image of Japan has become something like that of a worn-out outfit, one that cannot just be patched here and there to renew it. Trying to fix one hole will just thin out some other place, creating more holes. Perhaps that truly is the case. If so, I can’t think of a better plan than for everyone to just put up with the way things are, but I worry that doing so without hope for a better tomorrow will lead to no one accomplishing anything.
I have, therefore, a proposal: How about we go ahead and define Japan as a “failing country”? Some, I know, will claim that doing so would only further Japan’s loss of vitality, but many countries throughout history have experienced “failure.” I believe knowing that Japan has had many such precedents will give us a little breathing room.
Jumping straight to my conclusion, when we consider those countries that have bounced back from failure, we find them to be places where the idea that people should be allowed to live for pleasure is proudly acknowledged. That is where we can find such breathing room. A country that considers life as something enjoyable is one that will not fail, right? Because people in such a country want to pass that enjoyment on to the next generation. It’s the exact opposite of everyone just putting up with the state of things.
An example of “human wisdom” people have come up with for enjoying life is festivals. Festivals in which anyone can participate. I thus think governments should work toward the creation of festivals in places where none currently exist. If we’re to fundamentally change the situation in Japan today, we must boldly demand of the government, “Let us enjoy our lives!”
Speaking somewhat out of the blue, this fall Tokyo will once again put on the Tokyo Festival.

Satoshi Miyagi(Tokyo Festival Director)

Tokyo Festival Program 2023

– SPAC – Shizuoka Performing Arts Center “Mahabharata – Nalacharitam”
– Daily Life Players’ Club
– Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Autumn Selection: Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Presents Kinoshita-Kabuki “Kanjincho”
– The Far-From Ensemble
– LOLO “Omnibus Stories Project (Catalog Version)”
– Tokyo Festival Hiroba
– Art Culture Magical Academy: Art experience childcare the Art Support Jidokan
– Art Culture Magical Academy: Art experience childcare Family Art Club
– Performance View Lounge
– Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Autumn Selection: Theatre du Soleil “L’ÎLE D’OR – Kanemu-Jima”
– Tokyo Festival x Aichi Arts Theatre x Dance Base Yokohama: Performing Arts Selection 2023 in Tokyo
– Talk on Theatre Ekamatra’s “Tiger of Malaya” (with pre-screening)

Tokyo Festival Farm 2023

– Tokyo Festival Farm 2023 Lab Asian Performing Arts Camp “In-Tokyo Sharing Session”
– Tokyo Festival Farm 2023 Lab Public Lecture


Tokyo Festival Executive Committee Office
TEL: 050-1746-0996(Weekday 10:00 – 18:00)


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Rosa Kaikan, Ikebukuro and surrounding areas in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, etc.


Organized by
Tokyo Festival Executive Committee [Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture (Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre & Arts Council Tokyo), Tokyo Metropolitan Government]
Sponsored by
Asahi Group Japan, Ltd

Tokyo Festival