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Fun night in OHAYASHI Project

  • Organization : OHAYASHI Project
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


The verb “hayashi-tateru” means “to cheer,” so as one might deduce, ohayashi is music that is ideal for livening up the atmosphere and getting people into a festive mood. It has played an important role over the centuries, serving in ancient times as the musical accompaniment to festivals to pray for an abundant harvest, and as the background music for kabuki plays in the Edo period. In this project, ohayashi concerts will be held in the more relaxed atmosphere of a live music club, to provide a more accessible insight into the appeal of ohayashi. With the aim of making it a fun and festive event for the whole audience, these concerts will feature songs and arrangements from a wide variety of eras and genres. In particular, the sessions combining traditional Japanese music with guest performers (on saxophone, tuba, and accordion) promise to be a unique new musical experience.

【OHAYASHI Project member】
Mochizuki Hideyuki
Mochizuki Satatoshiro


【OHAYASHI Project】
This project aims to spread the word about the charms of ohayashi music and the enjoyment to be derived from it. Project activities have been ongoing since 2011, led by the hayashi-kata instrumentalists Mochizuki Hideyuki and Mochizuki Satatoshiro (who mainly play the shoulder-drum, hip-drum, and stick-drum). The project opens up new ways of enjoying Japanese music through sessions featuring guests from the whole gamut of genres, from traditional Japanese music to Western classical music and jazz, performing each other’s songs. In the future, the project participants intend to undertake a wide range of activities that go beyond live performances, including creating new pieces and composing music to accompany theatrical performances.




YAMAHA Ginza Studio(Chuo City, Tokyo)