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Point de Vue vol.10

  • Organization : Point de Vue
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


“Point de Vue” is a concert series of contemporary music produced by composer Teruaki SUZUKI and Tomohiro MORIYAMA. The performances, which focus on the premiering of works by Japanese composers, have been held annually since 2007. Rather than champion a message in terms of common syntax and style, the various composers who have featured so far create works by finding a mutual viewpoint (Point de Vue) that stems from their individual musical ideals and values. This concert series provides an arena for the intersection of their perceptions and statements. The series will also feature a special performance of a work by Akira MIYOSHI (1933-2013) who made an enormous contribution to the Japanese music world, in the hope of finding a broader audience for his music.
Alongside new works by the six composers Kentaro SHUTO, Teruaki SUZUKI, Tetsutaro MASUI, Ryohei MORI, Tomohiro MORIYAMA and Akio YASURAOKA, the 2016 concert series – the tenth of its kind – will feature Akira MIYOSHI’s ‘HENGE-TAN-EI’ for mixed chorus, shakuhachi, percussion and 17-stringed koto. Performers include Keiiti SIMIZU (conductor), Ryozan SAKATA (shakuhachi), Sosei HANAOKA (17-stringed koto), Akikuni TAKAHASHI (tsuzumi), Keiko TADA (ōkawa), Ayano SAITOH (percussion) and the Matubara mixed chorus.


【Teruaki SUZUKI】
Born in Sendai (Japan), 1958.
Graduated the music composition course of TŌHŌ GAKUEN School of Music and Graduate School.
Studies under Akira MIYOSHI.
Won 1st prize in the 46th The Music Competition of Japan (Chamber music section) and 2nd prize in the 51st The Music Competition of Japan (Orchestral work section).
Won first place in the 7th Japan Symphony Foundation Award (1984).
Won 1st prize in “Humbacher Preis” International Composition Competition (West Germany) in 1985(Orchestral work department), and in 1987(String trio department).
Won “Muramatsu Prize” in 1991, the 12th Kenzō Nakajima Award in 1994, as a member of “Art Respirant” a group of players and composers, and The Miyagi Prefecture Arts Award 2001.
Teaches at TŌHŌ GAKUEN School of Music and Tokyo University of the arts -Faculty of Music-. Also a professor of TŌHŌ GAKUEN Graduate School.


Norikazu Omokawa
Point de Vue


Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Recital Hall (Taito City, Tokyo)