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BONUS Cho-Renketsu Creation Vol. 4; Technology × Dance × X

  • Organization : BONUS
  • Section : Project for improvements in the creative environment
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Calling itself “a platform for dance creation”, BONUS is a project designed to activate opportunities for the creation of dance or dance culture. This time around, BONUS commits dance artists and other participants to create a dance for the future by linking elements on the theme of “Technology × Dance × X”. X refers especially to social issues such as living together with the disabled/ disabilities, creation of local communities, and the restructuring of education systems. Only when dance creation becomes involved with issues like these is it likely to produce something realistic. Moreover, through interaction with imaging and information technology, we should be able to overhaul our approach to the body — dance’s principal medium — in line with today’s standards. By having not only commissioned writers but many participants from various fields joining in the creation of a “dance for the future” linking the elements of technology, dance and social issues, organizers hope to build a concrete path towards the production of a work like this.


Since July 2014 BONUS has been examining dance past and present, and posting its practical experiments in future-oriented dance creation on its website. Posts currently total 70. BONUS held its Cho-Renketsu (Super collaborative) Creation event with works by four writers in December 2014, and last December held Cho-Renketsu (Super-collaborative) Creation Vol. 2 on the theme of “Afternoon of a Faun”. This January BONUS organized Cho-Renketsu Vol. 3 (Super-collaborative) Creation with assistance from Kyoto University of Art and Design, on the theme of “Dance and the Disabled/Dusabilities.”


Satoru Kimura


Multi-Purpose Digital Hall, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Meguro City, Tokyo)