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Juggling and Music Group Nagamekurasitsu New Work in Theatre Tram

  • Organization : Nagamekurasitsu
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


This coming December, Nagamekurasitsu will present a contemporary circus based on juggling and music.
Serving as a director will be Yosuke Meguro who builds a poetic world that appeals to the memory of people using technical skills and aesthetic sense which comes from his juggling background. In this show Hiromichi Sakamoto(musician), Takuya Kamiike(set designer) and nine other
performers will be joining to give depth to the world.

Choreographer/ Director: Yosuke Meguro
Music: Hiromichi Sakamoto
Set Design: Takuya Kamiike

Cast:Tomohiro Morita -Juggling,Akira Miyano -Juggling,Aimi Hasegawa -Aerial, Dance,
Kai Taniguchi -Acrobat, Dance,Hachiro -Juggling,Ayuko Nakamura -Aerial, Dance,
Jin Suzuki -Juggling,Ako Yasuoka – Dance,Yosuke Meguro -Juggling
and Hiromichi Sakamoto -Cello, Musicalsaw, Electronics,  etc.


In 2008, Nagamekurasitsu was founded by Yosuke Meguro, a juggler, but he also serves as a director. With juggling focusing on technical surprises and visual beauty, their performance is shown in theaters and on streets. In recent years, they are actively working on collaborating with artists from various genres and Nagamekurasitsu is highly valued as a contemporary circus based on juggling and music.


Yuko Okumura
Production Manager


Theatre Tram(Setagaya City, Tokyo)