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Late Yoshiro Irino 95th Anniversary Concert

  • Organization : NPO JML Yoshiro Irino Music Institute
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


The composer Yoshiro Irino (1921-1980) is famous as the first Japanese composer of a work using twelve-tone technique. 2016 marks the 95th anniversary of the birth of Irino, who is one of the most important Japanese composers of the generation that preceded Toru Takemitsu and his contemporaries. To commemorate this milestone, six of Irino’s chamber works that expand upon his creative activities have been chosen to be performed by outstanding young instrumentalists. Rather than being simply a retrospective, this concert is intended to assist in the rediscovery of Yoshiro Irino’s excellent music and introduce it to a new generation.

[Works by Yoshiro Irino]
Variations for piano solo (1943)
Partita for wind quintet (1962)
Music for violin and piano (1957)
Frozen Garden for mixed chorus and piano (1961)
Three Improvisations for flute solo (1972)
SHI-DAI (The four elements: earth, water, fire and wind) for shakuhachi/shinobue, 20-stringed koto, 17-stringed koto and san-gen (1979)

Conductor: Hiroaki Takaha, Ryuta Nishikawa.
Chorus: Vox humana
Flute: Junichiro Taku
Violin: Saori Nakazawa
Piano: Eri Sasaki, Masanobu Shinoda, Ichiyu Tanaka
Shakuhachi: Dozan Fujiwara
20-stringed koto: Yumi Kurosawa
Sangen: Hidejiro Honjoh
17-stringed koto: Noriko Hirata
and others


【JML Yoshiro Irino Music Institute】
The Institute’s aim is to conduct educational, creative, awareness-raising, and training activities focused on music, art, and the performing arts, targeting a wide range of members of the public, and contributing to world peace through international exchange. Based on this objective, it provides courses in solfège, piano, and conducting, among others, as well as holding the Konzert deutsch-japanischen Jugendaustausches and other concerts focused on international exchange, and organizing the IRINO PRIZE, an international composition prize.


Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall(Shinjuku City, Tokyo)