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Tsugumi Yamamoto 25-string koto Recital

  • Organization : Tsugumi Yamamoto
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


This recital marks Tsugumi Yamamoto’s second 25-string koto performance. Since the first recital, Yamamoto’s wide-ranging activities have led her to incorporate more and more vocal elements into her artistic endeavors—an innovation that will play a big role in shaping this second recital. In addition to performing instrumental koto pieces and accompanying herself on works for koto and voice, Yamamoto will also play with mezzo-soprano Keiko Aoyama for a captivating duet between the tones of the 25-string koto and the magic of vocal sounds. The program will also feature an impromptu performance on the theme of “memory,” an element that painter Hisao Hanafusa has valued, as Yamamoto has learned so much from his perspective as a creative artist since she met him at her concert in New York in January 2016. As the sounds of the improvisation begin to fill the Oumigakudou, a venue with distinctive acoustics, the recital will pull the audience, space, and performer together for a shared musical revelation.


【Tsugumi Yamamoto】
Tsugumi Yamamoto, a 25-string koto player, studied under Sōju Nosaka as an intern with the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Artist Training Program. Yamamoto has since developed her career as a koto player, expanding her free range of expression through premieres of pieces by contemporary composers, improvisational performances featuring piano, percussion, whistling, and paint, and works that incorporate song and the spoken word. Yamamoto released her solo album Tsumugu [Spinning the thread] in 2015 and gave a solo concert in New York with the financial support of Arts Council Tokyo.


Tsugumi Yamamoto
Koto Performer


Oumigakudou(Shinjuku City, Tokyo)