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Toru Fukuhara Recital vol.8

  • Organization : Toru Fukuhara
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


Fue (bamboo flutes) appear frequently in Japanese legends and literature, not to mention festivals, so they are one of the more familiar traditional instruments. However, in actual performances, they have tended to be part of an ensemble with other instruments, with hardly any music written especially for fue. Amid this situation, we have been involved in performance activities in a variety of forms, exploring the appeal and potential of fue as solo instruments. A core part of this endeavor is the Toru Fukuhara Recital. As recital planner, composer, and performer, fue player Fukuhara places the fue front and center. Free from the constraints imposed by traditional styles, his solos and collaborations with performers from other genres showcase the diversity of timbre and melody of which fue are capable, indicating the future possibilities offered by these instruments.

Sambaso (composer unknown)
Solo05 (composed by Toru Fukuhara) Premiere
Chaconne (composed by J.S. Bach, arranged by Toru Fukuhara and Toshio Nakagawa)
Kyo-no-yoru (composed by Sanzaemon Takara IV)
Sennen-no-sakura (composed by Toru Fukuhara, piano part composed by Toshio Nakagawa) (premiere of the new version)

Toru Fukuhara (shinobue & nohkan), Toshio Nakagawa (piano), Keisuke Zenyoji (shakuhachi), Tsugaju Tsuruzawa (futozao shamisen), Hyakunosuke Fukuhara (offstage music)


【Toru Fukuhara】
Began training with Sanzaemon Takara IV and graduated from the Department of Traditional Japanese Music at Tokyo University of the Arts. Thereafter, he began to compose pieces, primarily for fue, while continuing his involvement in classical performance, including as fue player in traditional Japanese orchestras for recitals of nagauta and koto music, as well as performances of Nihon buyo dance and kabuki, broadcasts, and overseas performances. He received the National Arts Festival Grand Prize from the Agency for Cultural Affairs for the first Toru Fukuhara Recital in 2001 and has held seven recitals in the series to date. In addition, in 2002, he held six consecutive bimonthly recitals of new works. Fukuhara has successively held posts as a lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts, Seisen University, and Ritsumeikan University, among others, and currently serves as a lecturer at NHK Culture Center.


Association for the Promotion of Japanese Traditional Music


Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Recital Hall (Taito City, Tokyo)