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Reborn Homes Through my voice

  • Organization : Tomoko Hojo
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


REBORN HOMES THROUGH MY VOICE is a project around memory, sound and voice by the two sound artists, Tomoko Hojo (JP) and Rahel Kraft (CH). What do you hear when you think about ‘home’? Regardless one’s nationality, gender and social position, everyone may remember the distinct sonic environment of ones home, places where we lived or grew up: the crackling of the floor, the murmur of the birch, a door bell, birdsongs at dawn, barking dogs: it is kept in one’s mind or even out of consciousness rather than as objective records. Based on the sounds of memories, collected by interviews held with local inhabitants, artists will rebirth each personal soundscape at Hirakushi Denchu House and Atelier. Performance events inviting guest artists and workshops open for everyone will be held every weekend during an exhibition.


【Tomoko Hojo】
Tomoko Hojo works with sound art and experimental music. Her current works are focused on the personal memory around the specific place and its instability. Hojo is a director of “Ensemble for Experimental Music and Theater” which is a group features post John Cage era’s experimental music. She completed her master on Sound Arts in University of the Arts London.

【Rahel Kraft】
Rahel Kraft is an artist, working mainly with sound and performance, born and raised in Switzerland, near the lake of constance. Her focus lies at the intersection of modern composition, improvisation, performance and installation, often including the site, listening practices and collective processes.


Tomoko Hojo


Denchu Hirakushi House and Atelier (Taito City, Tokyo)