What we do

INFRA- Between Music and Arts, Between Tokyo and Berlin

  • Organization : EBM(T)
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


This is a collaborative project between the Tokyo-based unit EBM(T), which pursues new expressive possibilities while crossing between “offline” and “online”; and the 3hd Festival, which explores a new kind of public-ness from the base of Berlin. The project combines the two cities’ music, contemporary arts, club culture and more, and holds events like lectures, talks, workshops and performances. Today, the ways in which people communicate are changing rapidly due to the emergence of the internet, and people with no previous association are meeting through online and digital culture. The project attempts to build a foundation for communication (Infra) through globalization and computerization, while sharing various forms of expression and thought.


EBM(T) is a virtual aural room for discovery and sharing of sounds based in Tokyo.It is designed for use by artists, scientists, creators, designers, musicians, and others working in various genres around the world.It can be used for exhibitions for a certain period, and for the presentation and experience of works as in a listening room.The works will be available for hearing only during the run of the exhibition.Our objective embraces such tasks as exploring the possibilities of expression through sound and researching the psychic states induced by sound as opposed to conventional music experience.




Yamamoto Gendai (Tokyo)、
Import Project (Berlin)