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Co. Yamada Un Estonia Tour

  • Organization : Co. Yamada Un
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Co. Yamada Un carried out an Estonian tour presenting a reworked edition of their ensemble piece “Monaka,” which they premiered in 2015. While in Estonia, they also held a workshop with students at an academic institution (the Tallinn University performing arts dance/choreography program majors), and promoted exchange among dancers.

“Monaka” (2017 revised edition)
Choreography, direction: Un Yamada
Music: Satoru Wono
Dance: Co.Yamada Un
Costume design: Yuko Ikeda
Production: Toshiko Uehara (Co. Yamada Un)

Choreography and improvisation workshop led by Un Yamada


【Co. Yamada Un】
A dance company founded by Un Yamada in 2002 that stimulates spectators’intelligence and sensitivity by witty and unique choreography, precise structure and the dancers’ vivid physicality. The company has performed in 31 cities in Japan and 23 cities in 15 other countries, and in recent years, not only in theaters but also in historical buildings and outdoors. Auditioning new members for each piece, now company has 17 dancers.


Toshiko Uehara
Co.Yamada Un
Tel: +81-(0)90-2912-0436
E-mail: office.coyamadaun@gmail.com


Estonian National Museum, Tartu, Estonia
Vaba Lava, Tallinn, Estonia