What we do

Attack On Dance WorldTour 2016

  • Organization : FujiyamaAnnette
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Through artist-in-residence programs with local cast members in host countries, the aim of this work is for the cast members from other countries to learn about the senses and perceptions of contemporary artists from Japan who are not confined to traditional culture. By incorporating the senses and opinions of the local cast and making the work contemporary, the objective is to form a unique dance/theater culture that blends cultural traditions from both countries. Through this interpersonal exchange, we aim to widely convey cultural differences and the theme of “diversity” in this work.


Fujiyama Annette is a dance/theater company led by writer/director/choreographer Ney Hasegawa. Focusing on the global language of body movement to tell a story, the troupe’s multidisciplinary performances incorporate video projection, lighting, music, art installations and more. Hasegawa calls this unique genre “dance drama,” his attempt at a theatrical approach to dance. The troupe is engaged in a wide range of activities to expand performing arts around the world, regardless of national barriers. In recent years, Hasegawa has worked more extensively under the theme of “pseudo-genre,” exploring the essence of genre by scrutinizing genre itself through collaborations with artists from other genres.


Ney Hasegawa


Centro Cultural São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil