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  • Organization : FAIFAI
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


『Anton, Neko, Kuri』 was first shown in 2009. It´s a story about a stray cat, who somehow manages to connect a lot of different people from one neighbourhood. It is like cutting a slice of 50 square meters daily life out of Japan.

In 2010 it was remodeled as a so-called „polyphonic theater“ together with the composer Yasuno Taro. He helped with re-writing the text as a score for experimental music. 
The words spoken by the actors are cut-up and re-sampled into a stream-of-consciousness kinda soundscape. 
The english subtitles are also included in this concept – a special software was developed to make them pop out rhythmically in different shapes. 
Panel talks with artists and workshops are also considered.

Writer & Director : Chiharu Shinoda
Music : Taro Yasuno
Cast : Pijin Neji , Rino Daidoji , Kinuyo Nogami , Koji Yamazaki
Stage design : Ayami Sasaki
Video : Shiro Amano
Costumes : Kyoko Fujitani
Flyer design : Shiro Amano
Translation : Sebastian Breu
Tour manager : Olga Irimiás / Kazuya Kato


A Tokyo-based theater company, established in 2004. Previously called “koyubichi”, the group changed its name to “faifai” in 2008. Since then, they have been active in the vibrant theater scene of Japan’s capital, contributing their own unique vision to the field of contemporary performing arts.
Faifai’s performances are known for their pop aesthetics, their energetic groove, and their experimental style that tries to reach beyond the narrative boundaries of dramatic theater. They depict human relationships in today’s complex society with sarcasm and sensitivity, but never without humor.
From 2009 onwards, faifai started touring throughout Asia and Europe, where their multilingual piece 『My Name is I LOVE YOU』 was awarded the ZKB Patronage Prize at Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Switzerland. Nominated for 57th Kishida Drama Award („Ringo“) in 2013.


Mihoka Kawamura
Production Manager
E-mail: info◆faifai.tv
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PLATEAU GALLERY/Green house Berlin (Berlin / Germany)