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Global Baby Factory

  • Organization : Theatre Company INZOU
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


“Can you solve advanced countries’ birthrate problem and poor countries’ poverty problems by trading them?” Finalist of the 18th Japan Playwrights Association’s Outstanding New Playwright Award.
Summary: 37-year career woman Sunako has a high-paying job, but as she approaches 40 she begins to worry about the fact that she’s single. Her family is pressuring her to get a husband and have kids, and she marries Jun’ichi Asada in an arranged marriage. However, her happy new life doesn’t last long, as cancer is found in her womb and she is forced to have a hysterectomy. Since she can no longer give birth, the only way for her to have children is surrogate birth. But neither her mother nor her younger sister agree to it, so she is forced to look overseas. She learns of a childbirth outsourcing clinic in India for foreigners, and as a last resort she chooses to go there.

Writing/Directing: Atsuto Suzuki
Starring: Moeko Koyama / Kyouko Iguchi / Manami Nanba / Hyo Hirota / Tamami Mizutani / Tomohisa Suzuki / Mugi Tachibana / Kaori Taki / Yuki Nakajima / Marino Yamamura / Yuki Imamura / Mizuki Nakahara / Hisashi Hiraiwa / Yukiko Tamura


Theatre Company INZOU
INZOU, a word which means “Indian elephant”, was founded in 2003 by playwright and director Atsuto Suzuki. Their motto is “fun is universal,” and they create works that can be enjoyed across language and cultural barriers through the imagination born of fun and play. They try to make plays that will stay with the audience and change the way that they see their lives even after they have left the theatre.
Major Awards:
Global Baby Factory
Finalist of 18th Japan Playwrights Association New Playwright Prize
Won 2nd Prize and Public Awards in the 2012 Young Director Contest of the Japan Directors Association


Production Manager
Theatre Company INZOU
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Sengawa Theater (Chofu City, Tokyo)