What we do

I haven't been born, so I can't yet die
(Umarete nai kara, mada shinenai)

  • Organization : HAHCHU-YUEI
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


2D elements like letters, pictures, drawings, and diagrams are displayed and organically intertwined with 3D actors to make a 2.5D play. This brand new style, and directorial gaze which treats the organic and inorganic equally, have attracted attention for HAHCHU-YUEI’s latest performance. The youngest performer ever to do a solo performance at the Tokyo Arts Theatre moves on to his next stage.

Playwright/Director: Suguru Yamamoto
Starring: Kazuki Ohashi / Fumi Kumakawa / Sachiro Nomoto / Saho Ito / Masahiro Oishi (mamagoto) / Ayana Shiibashi / Mikie Tanaka / Yuri Nagoya / Satoshi Hasatani / Kan Fukuhara

Art Direction: Kazuki Takakura
Music: Hiroki Chiba
Art: Tomomi Nakamura
Lighting: Yuta Yamauchi
Music/Sound: Mai Takahashi
Costuming: Kyoko Fujitani (FAIFAI)
Stage Direction: Kentaro Sakurai
Director’s Assistant: Kazuhiro Kimura (ikizuri)
Production: Hatsumi Kakinoki / Urara Tsukuni (kamiguse) / Satoshi Kawaguchi
In Cooperation With: Takuo Miyanaga (ZuQnZ)
Producer: Momo Sakamoto


A theatre troupe based in Tokyo. Founded in 2007. All scripts and directing are done by Suguru Yamamoto. Their style examines the boundaries between reality and the story, and the things that traverse between them, with a strongly critical eye. They deal with opposites like life and death, dreaming and being awake, video games (or virtual realities) and the real world, and love and hate with a light and humorous touch. Recently they have been pursuing a new way of expression combining words, symbols, and the light with the actors.


Momo Sakamoto
Production Manager
Tel: +81-90-6182-1813
E-mail: info◆hanchu-yuei.com
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Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre/Theatre East (Toshima City, Tokyo)