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KYOGEN in JSL in France and UK

  • Organization : The Totto Foundation
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


Japanese Theatre of the Deaf will appear representing Japan by honorable invitation in the international art festival of the deaf called Festival Clin d’Oeil 2013 in Reims, France. They will also be putting on a performance of their own in London. After 30 years of performing Kyogen using sign-language, they will be conducting their first performances in France and England, sharing traditional Japanese culture with deaf and non-deaf theater lovers around the world. They will also be meeting with deaf people from all around Europe, expanding their horizons as deaf actors and improving the quality of their work.


Japanese Theatre of the Deaf (JTD)
Tokyo Deaf Performance Club was formed in 1980 by deaf friends who loved theater play. In 1982, they changed their name to Japanese Theatre of the Deaf, receiving funding from the social welfare Totto Foundation to set up their own deaf theater. Since then, they have performed Kyogen by Japanese sign language under the supervision of Ukon Miyake, a noh performer of Izumi school, and create productions from a deaf perspective. They also perform pantomime using sign language called sign-mime. They aim for everyone to enjoy their performance regardless of his/her disability. They were invited to do a tour/performance in Italy, Europe, and many other countries. Recently they have been producing various original productions of general genres to contribute to deaf culture using Japanese sign language.


Noriko Koike
2-2-16 Nishi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0033
Tel: +81-(0)3-3779-0233
E-mail: jtd◆japan.email.ne.jp
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Centre des congrès, Reims
Graeae Bradbury Studios, London