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Harmonica Creams EU Tour 2013

  • Organization : Harmonica Creams
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


Tokyo-based Harmonica Creams became the first Asian winners of International Celtic Music Contest in Spain, Festival de Ortigueira, an event that draws 100,000 participants. As winners, they have been specially asked to return in July 2013, and they will also be touring in many other European cities. They hope that by standing on the same stage as the top musicians of the Celtic music world, they can gain recognition for a new type of celtic music from Tokyo, and expand their range of activities.


Harmonica Creams
Harmonica Creams is a Celtic-Blues quartet from Japan that brings a unique fusion of Celtic and Blues music. The ensemble of blues harmonica, Irish fiddle, rhythm guitar, and the Irish traditional drum bodhran come together to form a rich and varied soundscape. In particular, the interplay between the harmonica and the fiddle create a groove that is at once dynamic, harmonious, and powerful.
Their first album was released in 2011 and was raved by radio, papers, and other media in both Japan and France. In July 2012, Harmonica Creams participated in one of the biggest Celtic music festivals in the world, Festival de Ortigueira, in Spain. They won 1st prize in that international competition, becoming the first foreigners to win. Their second album was released in December 2012.”


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Festival De Ortigueira, Galicia
Festival Interceltico de Aviles, Asturias
amc Bocanegra de Valles, Asturias
Festival Interceltico De Sendim, Sendim
Festival de Pardiñas, Pardiñas