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The 3rd Saishoukai Concert; The World of Kotsuzumi for the Heart

  • Organization : The Saishoukai Foundation for Hougaku-Hayashi Resaerch Institute
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


The kotsuzumi is one of the world’s most subtly constructed instruments, with a rich tone that inspires associations with the water born of Japan’s climate and natural features.
“The 3rd Saishoukai Concert – The World of Kotsuzumi for the Heart” came about from a desire to increase awareness of the wonders of the kotsuzumi.
We will present a richly varied program of Japanese classical music: the Nagauta works “Matsu no Okina” and Kishudojoji”; the Gidayu piece “Shojo”; and “Umi to Kaze to,” a composition presented in combination with shadow pictures (Wayang). With the participation of shadow picture puppet/kiri-e (paper-cutting) creator Nakatsuji Tadashi, “Umi to Kaze to” will incorporate the sounds of the natural world in a collaboration with hogaku-bayashi music. The aim is to provide an accessible and enjoyable experience of hogaku-bayashi music–both for fans of hogaku (traditional Japanese music) and for those unaccustomed to hearing this music–and present the heart-stirring world of the tsuzumi
Performing artists:
Mochizuki Hikojuro, Mochizuki Tatsusaburo, Takemoto Komanosuke, Tsuruzawa Sansuzu, Imafuji Masajuro, Kineya Mitaro, Mochizuki Sakijuro, Mochizuki Hikokyo and others
Mochizuki Hikosei, Ashino Takao, Manji Fumie and others


【The Saishoukai Foundation for Hougaku-Hayashi Resaerch Institute】
This organization was established for the purposes of preserving/handing down and popularizing hogaku-bayashi music, and exploring and researching new forms of hogaku-bayashi based on the standards of techniques and sensibilities cultivated by our ancestors throughout the music’s long history. The foundation’s concerts have featured new commissioned works in addition to classical music styles such as Nagauta and Kiyomoto.
The foundation has also endeavored to incorporate visual effects including dance and video images in their performances and “disseminate hogaku-bayashi music in an accessible way.” Last year’s concerts also presented new works with Chinese and Korean instruments. The foundation has also published Nagauta scores (“Goro” and “Tsurukame”), and it holds kotsuzumi classes in Ginza.


Ro Kyeong-Soon
The Saishoukai Foundation for Hougaku-Hayashi Resaerch Institute


Nihonbashi Kokaido, Chuo City, Tokyo