What we do

Music and Poetic Drama; Baikal project and Black Sea project

  • Organization : Jun Kawasaki, Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


In this project, “Music and Poetic Drama; Baikal project and Black Sea project”, we are going to perform theatre music “The end does not end” as a way to Eurasian opera. In our journey, we are going to collaborate with some kinds of foreign artists and reconstruct this theatre music with them. Last year, we performed it in Armenia and Russia. This year, we are going to perform it in Russia (Irkutsk and Republic of Buryatia), Turkey, and Ukraine in July. After this overseas performance, we will have performance in Tokyo in September.

■ Program
• “The end does not end” in Irkutsk and Republic of Buryatia.
• Collaboration with singers, musicians, and dancers in Istanbul and Odessa.
• In Tokyo performances, we will also report processes up to the present time, show video recordings about our performance in abroad and collaboration with foreign artists, and hold talk show by our members.

■ Direction and Composition
Jun Kawasaki

■ Performers
Aya, Hiroyo Miura, Akira Yoshimatsu, Kentaro Tsuda, Satoshi Tsuboi, Aki Ozawa (Guitar), Jun Kawasaki (Doublebass), Seika Miki (Vocal), Choi Jaechol (Korean instruments)

■ Staff
Hideto Miyuki, Kiri Shirosawa

■ Guest artist
Marya Korneva (Vocal / Russia), Oxana Zhambalova (Vocal / Russia), Liudmila Zamashchikova (Violin / Russia), Ilya Lunushkin (Clarinet / Russia), Saadet Türköz (Vocal / Turkey), Selen Gülün (Vocal, Piano / Turkey), Duygu Demir (Cello / Turkey), Anya Tchaykovskaya (Vocal / Ukraine), Vitaliy Tkachuk (Traditional flute / Ukraine), Ouroboros (Dance theatre / Ukraine), Keiko Komori (Clarinet / Tokyo), Jan Glembotzki (Violin / Tokyo), Shinichiro Kanda (Piano / Tokyo)


【Jun Kawasaki, Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory】
Founded in January 2016. We are making Music and Poetic Drama combining songs, body, and voice. That is a new possibility of theatrical art. In 2015, as Theatre X Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory, we performed “ORPHANS AND STARS” and “The end does not end” for the 100th anniversary project of the birth of Tadeusz Kantor at Theatre X, Tokyo. In 2016, we collaborated with violin player Ayumi Paul from Berlin and had collaborative performances and workshop in Armenia and Russia. In our project, there are various members, such as dancers, voice performers, singers, and musicians. In making process, those members and our collaborators regard commutation as important. We continue to search for ways in which our communications and practices connect Eurasian opera.


Jun Kawasaki
Jun Kawasaki, Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory


EDISON Craft Bar (Irkutsk, Russia)、Old Munich (Irkutsk, Russia)、Open-air stage of “Voice of Nomads” International Music Festival (Ulan-Ude, The Republic of Buryatia, Russia)、Ethno gallery ORDA (Ulan-Ude, The Republic of Buryatia, Russia)、Bant Mag. Mekan (Istanbull, Turkey)、PÜR ISTANBUL (Istanbul, Turkey)、Bakırköy Municipality Theater (Istanbull, Turkey)、Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art (Odessa, Ukraine)、Koen-Dori Classics (Shibuya City, Tokyo)