What we do

Participation in the Fast Forward Festival in Athens.

  • Organization : Hikaru Fujii
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


The 4th Fast Forward Festival focuses on the art in the public space. The festival has been trying to create a new relation between the citizens and the public space.
In conjunction of Piraeus/Heterotopia, an interactive theater piece by Akira Takayama (Port B), Piraeus/Heterochronia is installed in its two starting points, the Janeiro Cafeteria at Omonia Square in Athens, and the Floating Museum: Hellas Liberty. Piraeus/Heterochronia is a video work which documented four dialogues with the people those who are living around the clock tower of the Silo, the cereal warehouse at the port of Piraeus.


【Hikaru Fujii】
Born in 1976, artist and filmmaker Hikaru Fujii lives and works in Tokyo. Fujii studied at ENSAD (Paris) and obtained DEA (MA) from Université de Paris 8. He creates video installations that respond to contemporary social problems. He makes use of extensive research and fieldwork investigating existing systems and structures, based on the idea that art is produced out of the intimate relationship between society and history. Rather than presenting his research into past events just as it is, he has continued to use his work to attempt reinterpretations of the issues from contemporary perspectives.
His work explores modern education and social systems in Japan and Asia as well as the nature of museums and art museums.


Janeiro Cafeteria (Omonia Square, Athens, Greece)
Floating Museum “Hellas Liberty” (Akti Vasiliadi , Silo building, Gate Ε2, Piraeus,Greece)