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Jo Kondo 70th Anniversary Concert

  • Organization : “Jo Kondo 70th Anniversary Concert" Executive Committee
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


Commemorating his 70th birth in 2017, this concert was planned to overview the music works of composer Jo Kondo. Through this concert, it was aimed for musicians from different generations to work together and establish a continuing tradition among the next generation for performance of Kondo’s works.

≪Sight Rhythmics≫(1975)、≪Near And Far≫(1990)、≪Yokohama≫(1990)、≪Gardenia≫(1997)、≪The Shadow of a Shade≫(2010)、≪Tryne≫(2012)、≪Helleborus≫(2015)、≪Variations (triskelion)≫(2015 Japan premiere)

Jun’ichiro TAKU(fl), Tadayoshi TAKEDA(cl), Shinya HASHIMOTO(tub), Kana KOTERA(eup), Toshiyuki MATSUKURA, Yoshiko KANDA(perc), Satoko INOUE, Shizuka KURETANI(pf), Masanobu SHINODA(pf,e-pf), Gaku YAMADA(gt), Shiho TESHIMA(vn), Masamichi YOKOSHIMA(vn,va), Takui MATSUMOTO, Tomoki TAI(vc), Seitaro ISHIKAWA(cond)



“Jo Kondo 70th Anniversary Concert” Executive Committee
Since 1973, Kondo has consistently composed according to his “Linear Music” (sen-no ongaku) method, in which sounds and chords are arranged in chronological order but with an alternating pulse of rhythms and tonal ‘colors’ that take the listener into a labyrinth of sound. This methodology consequently makes Kondo’s works extremely difficult to play; his work has not been performed as much as its quality and originality warrant. This committee, consisting of musicians, composers, and critics who have had personal dealings with Kondo, aims to redress this situation. The committee’s goal is to create a new performance model for Kondo’s works and pass it onto future generations, through the collaboration between veteran performers of his work, and young musicians who are gifted but inexperienced in performing Kondo’s material.


Junichi Ishizuka
“Jo Kondo 70th Anniversary Concert” Executive Committee
E-mail: junichi.ishizuka@gmail.com


Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall (Shinjuku City, Tokyo)