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"Lives & Opinions of Future Artists" Exhibition by buildings, tours, the webs, publications and conferences

  • Organization : An Art User Conference
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


By understanding various contemporary notions in the virtual context of the “future,” we reexamine the temporal conditions – speculation, recordability – assumed by post-readymade art. For example, the Parthenon is something that exists today, but we view objects from Ancient Greece as things from the past. So what happens when we view contemporary concepts as future concepts? Credit creation and speculation in the economy; gambling and lotteries; the meaning we impart to this life based on religious concepts of the next life; political crisis management; science fiction in literature, etc. These concepts utilize the resource of the future as something that influences the present. Introducing the reality of such a “future” in a direct and simple manner could lead to a reflective reconsideration of society’s fundamental conditions.

Project comprises:
Exhibitions: “Lives & Opinions of Future Artists IV: Space and Currency,” “Lives & Opinions of Future Artists IV: Order and the First World War”
Tour: “Lives & Opinions of Future Artists IV: Tokyo Tour (Human/Time/Space Hierarchy),” meeting in front of the National Diet Building
“Lives & Opinions of Future Artists IV Conference”
Leaflet: “Lives & Opinions of Future Artists IV”
Web page: “Lives & Opinions of Future Artists IV”


An Art User Conference
Formed in 2014. Major projects have included “Robert Smithson without Robert Smithson” and “Lives & Opinions of Future Artists.”


Satoshi Hashimoto
An Art User Conference
1606-179 Yamada-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo


S. Y. P. art space(Shinjuku City, Tokyo), Aoyama Meguro(Meguro City, Tokyo)and others