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hi-bye “Outer World”

  • Organization : Quinada inc.
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


As its first European performance, hi-bye played “Outer World” in Paris.
This play was specially written for PARCO-Produce in 2012, and later translated and performed by Kunghyung Park at Doosan Art Center (Seoul, Korea) in 2015. In the new production and new cast, Hideto Iwai played the leading role, Kanji Furutachi, Kentaro Tamara and Chang Li-mei were recasted after the premier. Kanji Furutachi played in the movie “Standing on the edge” which was awarded in Un CertainRegard Division in the International Film Festival in Cannes. On March 13, MCJP held the talk event introducing activities of Hideto Iwai.

Playwrite / Director: Hideto Iwai
Cast: Hideto Iwai, Kentaro Tamura, Tetsu Hirahara, Chiang Li-mei, Mizuho Nojima, Shuhei Takahashi, Toshiaki Inomata, Kanji Furutachi
Stage manager: Takumi Tanizawa
Assistant of stage manager: Asako Watanabe
Stage designer: Mitsuhiro Akiyama
Light designer: Daisuke Matsumoto
Sound designer: Yoshihiro Nakamura
Costume designer: Ayuko takagi
Video plan: Tokyo Style
Subtitle operator and production manager: Miwa Monden
Producer: Sachiko Miyoshi(quinada)
Organized by Quinada inc., hi-bye


In 2003, Hideto Iwai, an actor/playwright/stage director, formed the theatrical company, hi-bye, in Tokyo. “hi-bye” is now actively engaging in various theatrical works with 5 actors and 1 company manager.
Iwai’s debut play, “Hikky Cancun Tornade” was written based on his personal experience of Hikikomori. This play drew strong responses and restaged repeatedly which led the success of 10 cities play tour in Japan in 2015.
Recently, Iwai collects themes for his new works from experiences of other people, not just his own, by interviewing his own family or other people he takes interest in.
Other than his own experiences, Iwai generally deals with contemporaneous social issues such as domestic violence, extramarital affairs, widening socioeconomic disparity, aging, dementia or death, most of which are rather somber and depressing. Nevertheless, in his plays, the characters’ hardships, misery or comfortlessness are deformed in such a way that they are even funny. The cross-gender acting technique is often used to exaggerate this special kind of humor. The audience burst into laughter and tears at the same time and then the theater is filled with curiously silent moment. The audience cannot simply explain their emotion or impression by using a word “sympathy” to the characters alone, but want to start telling their own stories. That is the characteristics in all hi-bye works.
The reading performance of “The Hand” was carried out in London. “Outer World” and “The Hand” have been translated and performed in Korean. hi-bye is now attracting more attention internationally.


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