What we do

Sound-Free Concert

  • Organization : Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


We share the joy of live concerts with people who are hearing-impaired. While placing the main focus on sound reception with the ears, we also provide support that enables people to experience music with their entire body and attain a feeling of unity with the artists, facilitating the enjoyment of music.
We utilize the following support systems to enhance the experience of music:
Orchestra Jacket: This is a device in the form of a jacket equipped with several dozen built-in ultra-small speakers.
Sound Hug: This spherical device, which is literally “hugged,” provides a physical sound experience through vibration and multicolored lights.
Ontenna: Worn in the hair like a hairpin, this small device conveys the music’s special characteristics to the wearer through vibration and light.
Magnetic audio loops, FM hearing aid system
Sign language interpretation, computer interpretation


Yoichi Ochiai
CEO of Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.; media artist; Associate Professor and Advisor to the President, University of Tsukuba

Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
Founded in 1956. Based on its mission of disseminating culture and sharing emotion and inspiration through music, the orchestra carries out activities in the three core categories of (1) orchestra concerts, (2) educational programs, and (3) regional activities, while continuing programs that bring music to disaster-stricken areas.


Tokyo International Forum, Hall D7 (Chiyoda City, Tokyo)