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eltanin – RYU SUZUKI Solo Project: 『BU/AFTER RUST』@Sibiu International Theatre Festival

  • Organization : eltanin
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


This project was a performance by Ryu Suzuki, leader of Tokyo based contemporary dance company. This opportunity was given by Yokohama Dance Collection2017 Competition1, for winning FITS Award from Sibiu International Theatre Festival.
It was Ryu’s first solo performance consisted of multi award-winning “BU” and “AFTER RUST” which is a brand-new piece created in a residence creation in France. “BU” is a search of Ryu’s own identity, and plays with ideas for a Japanese word “BU”, which means dance, martial arts, nothingness and may more. “AFTER RUST” is based on a question “What is the next stage after rust?” It explores physical and mental rust on human body.
Duration of performance was about 1 hour. “AFTET RUST” will be perfumed at Yokohama Dance Collection2019 on 15th~17th February 2019.


eltanin is a contemporary dance company led by Ryu Suzuki. It performs and manages Ryu’s choreographic works, and aims to open every possibility of dance within our society. It explores meaning of contemporary dance as a company that exists between people. It creates works on project basis with not only dance artists but also with artists in variety of art forms such as theatre, music, visual arts and more.


Ryu Suzuki
E-mail: ryusuzuki.g@gmail.com


Sala Studio TNRS, Sibiu, Romania