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“RAISU / ライス” Project of artistic residences for creation of Japanese choreographer Kaori Seki at the Contemporary Dance Production Center (CEPRODAC)

  • Organization : Dantai Seki Kaori
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


“RAISU / Rice” is a project in which choreographer, Seki Kaori and KAORI SEKI Co. PUNCTUMUN meet the Mexican dance company CEPRODAC, and create a new work through the residency and exchange in Mexico City and Tokyo, their home base cities.

hi wo mu gu was created in the dialogue process by Kaori Seki, PUNCTUMUN dancers and dancers from Contemporary Dance Production Center (CEPRODAC) in Mexico. The project RAISU was aimed to reach out that both Seki and her dancers, and CEPRODAC dancers contaminate each other’s own ideas about contemporaneity of dance through exchanges and dialogues. As a result of residencies and rehearsals for 3 times in Mexico city and Tokyo, the piece was premiered in Mexico city in summer 2018. “hi wo mu gu” attempts to construct time and space between life and death through choreographic motives Seki and dancers created together.

hi wo mu gu
Choreography & Direction: Kaori Seki
Interpreters: Yu Goto, Yui Yabuki, Shun Shimizu (Kaori Seki Co. PUNCTUMUN); Paulina del Carmen Fernández, Ernesto Peart, Emmanuelle Sanders (CEPRODAC)

Curator and Dramaturgist: Mariana Arteaga
Choreographic Assistant: Yu Goto, Yui Yabuki
Lighting design: Jésica Elizondo
Sound design: Carlos Iturralde
Costumes: Mauricio Ascencio


Kaori Seki
Kaori Seki began studying classical ballet at the age of five and performing in modern and contemporary dance from the age of 18 while simultaneously also creating her own choreography. She has presented her work publicly since 2013 and established her company, KAORI SEKI Co. PUNCTUMUN, in 2013. In recent years, she has developed an interest in the ecology of humans, animals, and plants as well as sensory functions, staging work in Japan and overseas that incorporates such elements as smell and other senses. In 2012, Seki was the winner of the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer at Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2012 for Hetero, co-choreographed with Teita Iwabuchi, and the Next Generation Choreographer Award at the Toyota Choreography Award 2012. Her other accolades include the Elsur Foundation New Face Award in 2013 and Japan Dance Forum Award 2016. She was a fiscal 2014–17 junior fellow at The Saison Foundation.
Recent works: hi wo mu gu (2018); water and tears (2018); Utu ri (2017); WO CO (2016); Miroedetut (2014); Amigrecta (2013); Marmont (2010).

Kaori Seki Co. PUNCTUMUN
Established in 2013. PUNCTUMUN is a portmanteau coined by Seki, made up of words “punctum,” meaning a small point, a spot, or a puncture in Latin, and “un,” meaning one in French. It denotes that one is in fact a collection of countless small points.


Dantai Seki Kaori / KAORI SEKI Co. PUNCTUMUN
E-mail: contact.punctumun@gmail.com


Morishita Studio, Koto City, Tokyo
Contemporary Dance Production Center (CEPRODAC), Mexico City, Mexico
Black Box, Centro Nacional de las Artes Mexico City, Mexico