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Rojick 11th “ARAKAWA Kami - killer tune”

  • Organization : Rojick
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Repeat performance of Rojick’s representative work, which garnered the Grand-Prix at the CoRich Theater Arts Festival in 2014, with revisions and a new cast. The story merges the present life of the protagonist, a junior high school teacher, with an incident that happened when he was a junior high school student. The original snappily-scripted and energetic production depicted a closed society of bullying, “school caste” classroom hierarchy and tenuous human relationships.

Performed by Mary Machida, Zuru Onodera, Bobumi Hidaka, Shinya Kitou, Honoka Ishibashi, Mary Erizabeth, Nobuyuki Ootsuka, Uni Denda

Playwright and Director: Kana Yamada
Producer: Mari Miyahara, Tomoko Nii
Planning and production: Rojick


Theater troupe formed in 2010 by ex record company promoter and current troupe leader Kana Yamada. Rojick’s works depict people who struggle against a lack of true communication in the liberalized lifestyles of contemporary society, and against a sense of their own age inappropriateness and inability to grow up completely. The group’s 8th work “Arakawa, God Killer Tune” was conceived from a real incident caused by limited human interaction and the social tendency of avoiding interference in other people’s business. The piece garnered the troupe the Grand-Prix from the theater web portal CoRich Theater Arts Festival in 2014, as well as the award for best theater company from Sun-mall Studio in 2014.


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