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Orchestra Nipponica 34th Concert “The 90th anniversary of Mamiya Michio”

  • Organization : Yasushi Akutagawa Memorial Orchestra Nipponica
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


Even though Opera “Clairvoyant Monkey Painter” is regarded as one of the masterpiece of Michio Mamiya(1929- ), it was never performed after the premier in 1966 for it required huge instrumental and vocal forces. This was the first performance in 53 years. To commemorate it, we have commissioned Mamiya to compose a short piece of the opera. It was the premier for the Interlude.

Orchestra Nipponica 34th Concert
“The 90th anniversary of MAMIYA MICHIO”
MAMIYA Michio : Interlude for the Queen of Monkey…World Premier
MAMIYA Michio: Opera “Clairvoyant Monkey Painter”
(Opera in an act consisted of prologue, and 8 scenes
Semi-stage-style, sang in Japanese with Japanese supertitle)
Conductor: NODAIRA Ichiro
Assistant Conductor: SHINOMI Kazutoshi
Orchestra: Orchestra Nipponica
Libretto: KIJIMA Hajime
Production: TAOSHITA Tetsu
Performer: SUKITOORIME (The Monkey Painter): OTSUKI Takeshi, Comphor tree: KITAGAWA Tatsushiko, Queen of monkey: TASAKI Naomi, OTOMOZARU (Minister of Monkey): HARADA Kei, SONOTOORIME: YAMASHITA Koji
Chorus: Vocal Consort Tokyo, Chor June


Yasushi Akutagawa Memorial Orchestra Nipponica
Since the establishment in 2002, we have performed more than 120 orchestral works by Japanese composers and also introduced their achievements, in 2004, 2007, and 2013, we have organized international music events under commission of Cultural Agency in Beijin, Hanoi and Manila respectively. Our CD Yasushi Akutagawa, Symphony No1 was chosen as the best CD by newspapers and magazines. Composer Ichiro Nodaira became the music advisor in June 2016.


Nozomi Kato
Representative member
Yasushi Akutagawa Memorial Orchestra Nipponica
E-mail: mail@nipponica.jp


Sumida Triphony Hall, Sumida City, Tokyo