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Solo Exhibition “Some Ways to Know Spring has Sprung” and Artist residency program at Nida Art Colony

  • Organization : Ai Sugiura
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


This was Ai Sugiura’s first solo exhibition in Lithuania, entitled “Some Ways to Know Spring has Sprung.” The exhibition was held in the city of Klaipeda’s pioneering contemporary art space Si:said Gallery, the gallery’s first show by an Asian artist. Sugiura created installations using photographs, sculptures and other forms to express trivial moments, scenes and stories from everyday life encountered during her residency in Lithuania. The artist also held a 3D modeling workshop using photographs of herself with local children taken during her artist residency program at Nida Art Colony.


Ai Sugiura
Artist, born in Aichi in 1982. She graduated from the fine art department of Musashino Art University. By offering different perspectives of everyday elements through her work, she reconsiders and reconstructs their essential function and meaning in an attempt to create new relationships between things.
To date she has conducted research and exhibitions in places such as Tokyo, Aichi and Osaka as well as overseas in China, Taiwan and the U.S.
She is also an active member of artists’ collective Sabbatical Company


Ai Sugiura
Visual Artist


Si:said Gallery, Klaipeda, Lithuania