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GC GRAND FESTIVAL 2019 supported by SPORT × ART

  • Organization : Japan Barrier-free Association (incorporated non-profit organization)
  • Section : Symbolic Projects Setting the Flag of Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


At Toyosu PIT, popular rock & pop musicians – SHIBUSA SHIRAZU ORCHESTRA, Mukai shutoku Acoustic&Electric, and Tavito NanaoRock, and at the adjacent outdoor stage, Kazuto Kuchiishi and Kakeru Sato – musician with disabilities -, SYOGYO MUJO BROTHERS, Hana Iida & Yuuu Makita, and Mr. FLAME would perform the live music on the stage.
At the outdoor venues, there will be a “Para Sports Library*” where people can have a chance to talk with former Paralympians and others who had experienced the Paralympics. Also, there will be a “Fusion Market” where many booths are set to sell sweets and other goods made by people with disabilities would provide services. At the fusion market, people can vote for “Sweets Grand Prix” and the first place would be awarded as a “Grand Prix”.
*Para Sports Library* is a name created for people who are related to Para Sports, and it is inspired by an open talk event to understand people with disabilities originated by a music festival in Denmark.


【Japan Barrier-free Association, Non-profit organization】
We organize Gold Concert and GC Grand Festival. Gold Concert is a music contest for musicians with disabilities. We organize the 16th Gold Concert this year at Tokyo International Forum Hall C and the Gold Concert had attracted 1,388 applicants, 15,000 audiences and more than 3,000 volunteer staffs so far. Head of the judging committee is Ms. Reiko Yukawa. Many musicians with disabilities made major debut. GC Grand Festival is a first entertainment event in Japan organized by people with disabilities. It creates job opportunities for people with disabilities. This year is 6th GC Grand Festival and had attracted more than 3,400 audiences.


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