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Itabashi Cultural Festival

  • Organization : Itabashi City
  • Section : Regional Cultural Activities
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


For about two months from October through November, the Itabashi Culture Festival is held as an opportunity to present and enjoy the diverse cultural and artistic activities of local residents. Centering around the Itabashi Federation of Cultural Organizations comprising 26 cultural groups, events will be held where visitors can see and experience the traditional culture and art of Itabashi at various places around Itabashi City.
(Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), tea ceremony, Chrysanthemum show, art exhibition, calligraphy exhibition, Japanese hobbies, Japanese dance, folk dance, Japanese folk songs, Gin’ei-kenshibu (sword dance and fan dance with classical poetry recitation),Noh song and dance, ballet and other dances, theater, traditional songs, Sankyoku chamber music, music by young people, choral music, Awa-odori dance, haiku, poetry, tanka, abacus competition, Ogura Hyakunin Isshu playing cards of one hundred famous poems, Go tournament)


Organized by: Itabashi City
Co-organized by Itabashi Federation of Cultural Organizations, Itabashi Cultural and International Exchange Foundation


Culture & International Exchange Section
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