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The 43rd Komae Festival / Komae Culture festival 2019~The world music ties~

  • Organization : Komae Festival Executive Committee / Komae City Culture Foundation
  • Section : Regional Cultural Activities
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


(1) The 43rd Komae Festival
The 43rd Komae Festival
This is Komae City’s biggest event, created by the combined efforts of Komae residents. There are a variety of events for local to enjoy, including a rousing parade and omikoshi portable shrine procession, as well as stalls, booths and gaming tournaments at each location.

(2) Komae Culture festival 2019~The world music ties~
The Komae Culture festival is the representative concert series for the “Komae, A City of Music” initiative, featuring artists from inside and outside Komae City who work in a wide range of musical genres from classical to hogaku traditional Japanese music.

The Tokyo Olympics taking place in 2020 inspired organizers to adopt a global focus for this year’s Komae Culture festival, entitled“The world music ties.”The program features music that can be heard on various occasions around the world, as well as traditional music from host country Japan to remind audiences of its magic and appeal. Organizers are presenting the event as a pre-concert to mark the Tokyo hosting of the Olympics, the world’s biggest sporting event. The concert offers an enjoyable program of Japanese culture and traditions, now once again under the spotlight, as well as diverse music linking the rest of the world to Japan, and music to mark the milestone Olympic year, etc. Organizers are also planning a panel exhibition that will present activities thus far under the “Komae, A City of Music” initiative.


【Komae Festival Executive Committee】
Through the Komae Festival, the Committee cultivates affection for local culture and promotes community development incorporating a sense of unity.

【Komae City Culture Foundation】
With the aim of enhancing culture for Komae citizens and promoting civil welfare, the Committee plans independent projects in a variety of genres and disseminates them to people inside and outside Komae, recognizing its contribution to the development of a rich civil life, and its status as a cultural hub to bring inspiration and hope to people, nurture creativity and form bonds for living through the inheritance, creation and communication of arts and culture.


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(1) Komae Daiichi Elementary School, etc. (2) Komae Ecorma-Hall (Komae-shi, Tokyo)