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Japan Sweden International Co-creation “Creation For Baby”

  • Organization : to R mansion
  • Section : Project on artistic and creative focus
  • Type of Grant Program : Long
  • Art Forms : Dance

Outline of the project

Year 1 Project outline
(1) Creation in residency, meetings in Stockholm
Details: Performing artists from Japan went to Stockholm and visited local groups and organizations involved in the creation of performing arts for young children. They conducted interviews with artists, producers and directors regarding the performance environment and creative process for performing arts for infants in the Nordic region, and then submitted an activity report summarizing their investigations and discussions. They attended a lecture by choreographer Dalija Acin Thelander on the creative theory behind performing arts for infants, and in rehearsals with Ms Thelander and local artists, the Japanese performing artists exchanged cultures and values, and together explored and decided on themes for a collaborative work.

Residency members: 3 artists from to R mansion (Hanabi Uwanosora, Kayo Nozaki and Spajiro Marumoto), Aoi Noguchi (stage designer)
Local partner: Dalija Acin Thelander. others
Period: Friday, May 17 – Tuesday, May 30, 2019
Venue: Rehearsal room in the Royal Swedish Opera, other locations (Stockholm, Sweden)

(2) Collaborative creation/work-in-progress and premiere performance 1 in Tokyo
Details: During her Tokyo residency the invited artist developed her themes and created an installation-based performance. Work-in-progress sessions were open to the public and followed by talks. Feedback was obtained from these experiences to be leveraged for the premiere performance in June.

Invited artist: Dalija Acin Thelander (creative supervision/installation)
Project members: 3 artists from to R mansion (Hanabi Uwanosora, Kayo Nozaki and Spajiro Marumoto), Ygal (music), Aoi Noguchi (stage design), others (10 people in total)
Period: Saturday, February 15 – Sunday, February 16, 2020
Venue: Kichijoji Theater (Musashino City, Tokyo)

Year 2 Project outline
(1) Premiere performance 2 in Tokyo
Details:The group proactively exchanged knowledge with experts in fields such as neuroscience and pedagogy. Based on investigation and experience obtained by the group in the course of the first year’s research in residency/production activities as well as creative and work-in-progress ventures, the group worked on issues obtained from work-in-progress feedback before holding the premiere performance and a post-performance talk.

Project members: 3 artists from to R mansion(Hanabi Uwanosora, Kayo Nozaki and Spajiro Marumoto), Ygal(music), Ken Yajima(stage direction), and others(10 people in total)
Period: Friday, June 11 – Sunday, June 13, 2021
Venue: Kichijoji Theater(Musashino City, Tokyo)

(2) Archiving
The trajectory of the entire project was summarized in archive form and made available to the public on the group’s website. The website carried a detailed compendium in video, photograph and text form of thoughts and reflections from the process of creating theater for young children in an international collaboration with a Swedish artist, as well as reflections from work-in-progress activities and the performances. This features detailed consideration of the social meaning of theater for the very young, the scenographic and creative methods involved, and experiences and reflections from the point of view of a performer involved in theater for young children.
This was created not only so that the value of theater for young children will be recognized in society, but as literature that can contribute to the development of arts and culture for infants by allowing artists in the same field as well as other fields to put the content to practical and concrete use in their creative endeavors.
The group held an online talk with guest representatives of leading companies involved in theater for young children in Japan. In order to widely disseminate the meaning and value of arts aimed at infants from a variety of perspectives, an archived record of the talk has been made permanently available.

Project members: 3 artists from to R mansion (Hanabi Uwanosora, Kayo Nozaki and Spajiro Marumoto), Ygal (music), others (9 people in total)
Period: Saturday, February 19, 2022 – Tuesday, March 8, 2022
Venue: Online


to R mansion
Established in 2007 by Hanabi Uwanosora, Kayo Nozaki and Spajiro Marumoto as a company specializing in physical theater. In 2009 the group obtained a license as Heaven Artists (Tokyo-authorized street performers). The group has been invited overseas on numerous occasions, performing at theater events and festivals in 80 cities in 15 countries worldwide. In 2010, with the support of ANA it staged “Break “O”” at the Avignon Festival Off, where it was chosen as one of the top 20 of the 1082 performances on the program. In 2014 the troupe was invited to tour 9 cities in France and Belgium. 2016’s “The Wonderful Parade,” a collaborative work with a French theater lighting designer, garnered the group the stage design award in the Setagaya Art Award “HISHOU.”


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